Datagroup was, is and will always be a company that works with and for the people.

Since Datagroup was founded, in 1995, we tried to create an oasis of prosperity and security for our employees in a time when this was not considered to be natural and self-evident in this country.

We believe and we are totally convinced that proper work conditions are of utmost importance for our activity. We cannot be the best in what we do if we don’t trust each other. We cannot become better if we don’t like what we do. We cannot work efficiently, if we don’t act as a team, as a family in which everybody is ready to help her/his fellow in the pursuit of a common goal.

The respect for our employees, for their work and also for our customers lies behind each and every decision within our company.

We believe that our employees’ and our customers’ satisfaction is by far more important than a short-term profit increase. We want not only to achieve our goals, but also to become better. These objectives, however, will never be met by taking measures against either our clients or our employees.

I am fully convinced that all these important values will find the support of our customers and of our employees.

Heinrich Loth,
General Manager