Hosting and Administration Services

Hosting Services

  • Online publication administration and databases
  • Server administration
The servers are hosted by our professional partners in Denmark – EasySpeedy.

  • The application and server administration is performed remotely

Software Development Services

  • Online database design and development – technical development of the individual online databases
  • Design and development of individual ERP systems for the service sector (merchandize management)
  • Web shop systems design and development connected with the ERP systems
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems design and development
  • Software Quality Assurance Services
  • Consulting for software development projects
Technologies we support:

  • Java (J2EE)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Borland Delphi
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL, mySQL
  • PHP, ASP, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • XML, XSL

Back Office Services

  • Data and text acquisition of document templates, Images
  • Document classification and sorting (e.g. incoming mail)
  • Invoice processing
  • Form acquisition
  • XML conversion of documents (content structuring)

XML Publishing

  • Scanning services – documents, Microfiches, destructive and non-destructive scanning processes
  • Data and text acquisition of document templates, images, Microfiches
  • Back conversion and structuring after XML/SGML
  • Online/Offline publication development by means of various XML Publishing Tools (L7 Publisher, Live Publish, etc.)
  • XML Desktop Publishing – pre-stage Print based on XML Input
  • Complete publication development (Print, Online, Offline) – description of the whole process chain (acquisition, structuring until Online-Offline/Print publication)
  • XML scheme / DTD development and Design